An Unparalleled Learning Experience


Evolving technology is the heart of our training and a driving force behind all programs offered at EvolvingIT.

We understand IT is always evolving and we must keep pace with this technology. Here at EvolvingIT we’ve earned a reputation for providing individuals with the insights they need to dominate in today’s hyper-competitive IT domain.

We partner with individuals and organisations, to provide an educational experience with enduring impact that unlock new ideas and create an innovative way of thinking, this pushes traditional boundaries and facilitates discovery of fresh and unique approaches that defy the status quo.
Our Mission
EvolvingIT is all about our clients and our mission is to make you successful. We work with Indoviduals and companies to improve your skill portfolio and embark desired goals. Our belief is that we must do more than just deliver our capabilities and services – we must own results with our clients.
Our Vision
Our vision is to help our clients achieve their success through a interavtive platform of assessments and analytics and learning. The EvolvingIT’s approach enables a faster and more successful execution of career improvement initiatives.
Our Values
At EvolvingIT, we value honesty and integrity above all else, we highly value customer expectations and employee loyalty. We also believe in giving back to our communities, making them better places to prosper.

We acknowledge and exceed your requirements; customer focus is the essence!

We design and deliver programs that are strategically aligned with our customer’s career objectives. Courses are real-world relevant and challenge participants to ask: "Is there a better way to do this?"

Whether custom designed or open enrolment, our programs result in immersive, profoundly impactful learning experiences that shape careers and put individuals ahead of the curve.

Why we are different?

  • Customised Training

  • Industry Specialisation

  • Instructor led training

  • Extensive curriculum

  • Experienced and expert facilitators

  • Guaranteed Placement Assistance

  • Internship Programs

  • Professional CV building

  • Interview Preparations

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