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I’m Benzi, previously worked as an accountant with Medium Scale Industries. As an account growth of career was stagnant and I wanted to change it. So one of friend who is SAP Certified consultant he recommend me to Join Evolving IT and get done SAP FICO certification course.

As it was stated clearly that the course would be demanding from day one but I personally did not know the level engagement I needed to prepare for. That was just the technical bit, the good news on the other hand is that its wholistic in nature. You come out of Evovling IT a changed person. If I can handle most of the activities in life with that kind of rigor then I can only succeed. My gratitude goes to my tutor Shetty Sir. They are wonderful people. Shetty and Rajeev made me know how to handle a classroom in 10 days by laying a solid foundation. I promise to build on it with Evovling IT Training and Placement assistant. Today I’m glad to say I’m certified consultant and working as freelancer contractor in Industry. My First Sap Career break job was helped by Evovling IT. They prepared my CV and Prepared for few interviews too at expert level. Thank you all see and you again for another SAP module training.

Raj PRaj P

"I was in UK for my Project and my company arranged Corporate training for our New team, me and my team members are bit nervous about going for this training as we don’t have any background of software testing, but our company needed in house tester so made our team. We all Team learned from Evovling IT ;The course was just what we needed to really shape our career. I don't think we could have completed the project successfully on our own. The insight of the tutors on each section helped us to clarify and consolidate the weaker areas. As test cases and plan is new to us, it was a great guiding light. Thanks to Evolving IT, and especially to Tech. team for all the feedback and also very active for prompt answers to all queries. our Entire team passed ISTQB/ISEB Testing certification" I’m glad to recommend Evolving IT for all those who wants to be a Software Tester as career."

Sarfaraz HSarfaraz H

"Rating-A1. Getting trained from Bipin has changed my career. Currently working as SAP FICO consultant and travelling abroad for Projects. My dream come true with the help of Bipin while getting trained and afterwards also. I will highly recommend Evolving IT for those who wants to make successful career in SAP. The place to make your SAP dream come true. All the Best!!!"

Mohammed DeriaMohammed Deria

"I was lucky to trained by an excellent mentor Bipin who was a great teacher.
Thanks to support from Bipin again I was able to pass with flying colours my SAP FI exam
Highly recommended especially if you are thinking of doing FI then Bipin is the teacher to go to.
Thanks again"

Charlene Garcia MarinCharlene Garcia Marin
"I really enjoyed this course. It has helped me further my knowledge and current career in successfactors and it has helped me further my understanding.I highly recommend Evolving IT for your SAP Career jump start. Thank you"
Rakesh Kansara

For me the best trainer I ever had was Bipin Sir as he not only provided the excellent training but also guided me throughout the interview preparation, cv building exercise , etc.. until I got my break. Excellent coaching style , easy to grasp and prepares you in such a fashion that you can relate to the live work environment....

Sarbjit Kaur

Dear Evolving IT team, I‘m extremely grateful for the opportunity to prepare for the SAP BI certification course. It was a really useful experience for me and I learnt quite a lot. Besides, it was a good idea to have our exam practice marked by different tutors, which allowed us to get a wide range of feedback and better notice our strengths and weaknesses. The materials were very clear, concise enough and to the point. I did the course online e with different institute but classroom session would be worth and value for money. The knowledge I gain and confidence I earn is unbeatable. I wish good luck all other candidates who looking forward to SAP consultant career should start with Evolving IT and get expert."

Asif Khan

"This is really "The Best SAP and IT Training Institute". I hardly know anything regarding SAP, instructor Rajeev Nair had taken most care in providing the knowledge starting from basics, Enterprise Data Modelling, Enterprise Reporting, Query and Analysis, Data Source, Transfer Rules, Info Source, Update Rules, Different types of Routines etc...

I am very much satisfied with this course. I strongly recommend SAP BI course." I am lucky to find this institute and trainer. I would say time I spent and course Fees paid as I made an Investment for my career which helps me to gain knowledge and confidence. I would highly recommend whoever come across this review do visit Evolving IT

Gaurav Arora

When it comes to SAP Training Evolving IT offers the complete package includes experienced tutors transferring a wealth of knowledge covering the theory and configuration. They make sure each trainee gets the best combination of knowledge and hands on experience.

Unlike other institutes their Project Managers during the internship guide trainees through the day to day tasks and responsibilities of a SAP Professional. Be it business process documentation, best practice tools, project road maps or knowledge, trainees get everything while working as independent project teams. Overall excellent SAP training Institute, highly professional and recommended.

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