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Overview of the SAP Success Factors course


SAP SF is a SAP acquired software that deal with employee records and management. SuccessFactors has many recognized companies within its customer list, including 20th Century-Fox, Adobe, Allstate, American Airlines, Astra Zeneca, the Department of Homeland Security, NASA, PepsiCo, Siemens, Sobeys, Starbucks, and Walmart.

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  • HR End users
  • Someone who is looking for a career in SAP HR
  • Background of HR or CIPD
  • Aspiring to be a SAP HCM consultant
  1. Introduction to SAP SF
  • Introduction to SuccessFactors
  • Provisioning System and Implementation Strategies
  • Instance - Admin system Introduction and Navigation
  • Employee Data File / Rating Scales and Route Maps
  • Employee Profile / Picklist
  • Introduction to Reporting /  Dashboards / Portlets
  • Employee Central Introduction and Implementation Sequence
  • Initial Configuration Task and Creating Super Admin in Provisioning
  • Multiple Employments / Activation Employee Central SOAP API's
  • Activating New Home Page / Admin Alert and Embedded Analytics
  1. Managing Role Based Permissions
  • Permission Roles and Administrator Permissions for Employee Central
  • Manage Compensation / User / Time Off / Mass Changes and Employee Central API's
  • Manage Foundation Objects / Event Reasons / Foundation Object types / Metadata Framework / Business Configuration / Position
  1. Setting up Data Models
  • Corporate Data Model
  • Succession Data Model
  • Business Configuration UI
  • Configuring HRIS Sync Mappings
  • Country Specific Corporate and Succession Data model
  1. Foundation Objects
  • Introduction and Characteristics of Foundation Objects
  • Foundation Objects - Business / Job and Pay related
  1. MDF Foundation Objects
  • Setting Permissions / Defining Value Help and Search criteria
  • Associations and Field criteria
  • Importing MDF Foundation Objects
  • Adding New Country and related fields to Legal Entity / Job Classification
  1. Generic Objects
  • Characteristics of Generic Objects
  • Configure and Manage Generic Objects
  • Customer specific Foundation Objects and create associations for Generic objects
  • MDF based business rules
  • Setting up Approval Workflows - Configuration and Business rules
  • Working with Multiple Employments
  • Setting up Pay Scale
  • Setting up MDF Based Payment information
  • Working with Data Imports
  • Purging Inactive Users
  • Working with Picklists
  • Managing HRIS Sync
  • Employee Central on Mobile Device
  • Propagation Rules / Event reason derivation rules and Configurable Business rules
  • Data Objects Table: Foundation / Person and Employment
  1. Employee Central Time Off
  • Introduction to Time Off
  • Permissions in Time Off
  • Setting up Employees in Time Off
  • Work in Time Off
  • Country Specific Time off and Work Schedules
  • Creating time Accounts and Accrual Management in Time Off
  • Period End Processing and Posting rules in Time Off
  • Leave of Absence and Mobile Time Off
  1. Reporting in Employee Central
• A general understanding of HR terminologies
  1. Practical Approach
    This course includes hands-on practical exercises on the tool/Software apart from theoretical session.
  2. 24/7 system support
    EvolvingIT's support team will provide support for any issues you face with the SAP system access
  3. Real Time Use cases
    Trainers will guide you how to address real time business problems using the knowledge they have gained through their experiences.


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