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SAP Human Resource


Overview of the SAP Human Resource course


SAP HR is a SAP module developed that deal with employee records and management. The records have the information to make decisions by managers based on data. HR software streamlines and automates record-keeping processes, a framework for HR staff to manage benefits of administration and payroll and documents.

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  • HR End users
  • Someone who is looking for a career in SAP HR
  • Background of HR or CIPD
  • Aspiring to be a SAP HCM consultant
  1. Introduction to SAP
  • Introduction to ERP
  • SAP Project Roles
  • SAP Project Life Cycle (ASAP Methodology)
  • SAP System Landscape
  • Overview of SAP
  • SAP­HCM Module at a glance
  1. Personnel Administration
  • Enterprise Structure
  • Company
  • Company Code
  • Personnel Area
  • Personnel Sub Area
  • Personnel Structure
  • Employee Group
  • Employee Subgroup
  • Payroll Area
  • Employee Attributes and Employee Number Range Configuration
  • Employee Personnel Actions
  • Hire-Rehire
  • Promotion
  • Change of Position
  • Termination
  • Info type Attributes
  • Time Constraints
  • IT properties
  • Tables and Structures
  • Features configuration
  • Detailed configuration for important PA info types
  • Dynamic Actions
  1. Organizational Management
  • OM Overview
  • OM Info types
  • OM Objects
  • OM Relationships
  • OM Structure
  • Simple Maintenance
  • Expert Mode
  • Organizational and Staffing
  • OM Object Number Range configuration
  • OM Plan Version
  • OM Allowed Relationships
  • OM Evaluation Paths
  • OM-PA Integration
  1. Time Management
  • TM Overview
  • TM Info types
  • Holiday Classes/Holiday Calendars
  • Work Schedules
  • Break Schedule
  • Daily work Schedules
  • Periodic Work Schedules
  • Work schedule rules
  • TMSTA/SCHKZ/WWEEK features
  • Absences and Attendance Configuration
  • Absences Quota configuration
  • CATS Regular configuration (Time Sheet)
  • Transferring the timesheet data to HR Info types
  • Time Evaluation Process
  • Quota Updates
  • Manual (PA30)
  • Through Report RPTQTA00
  • Through Time Evaluation RPTIME00·          
  1. Payroll (PY)
  • PY Overview
  • PY Introduction to different payrolls
  • PY Important Payroll Info types
  • Pay scale structure
  • Pay scale Area
  • Pay scale Type
  • Pay scale Group
  • Pay scale Level
  • Wage types Configuration
  • Wage type grouping and permissions
  • TARIF/ANSAL /LGMST features configurations
  • Recurring Payments and deductions configuration (Info type 0014)
  • Additional Payments Configuration (Info type 0015)
  • Payroll Periods Generation (Period Modifiers/Date Modifiers/Payday Rules)
  • Control record configuration
  • Payroll run process
  • Generation of Remuneration Statement
  1. Recruitment
  • Create new position
  • Create media
  • Create recruitment instruments
  • Create advertisement
  • Create personnel officers
  • Application Structure
  1. Personnel Development
  • Overview of Personnel development, Career Planning & Succession Planning, Qualifications and
  • Requirements, Development Plans, Appraisal


• A general understanding of HR terminologies
  1. Practical Approach
    This course includes hands-on practical exercises on the tool/Software apart from theoretical session.
  2. 24/7 system support
    EvolvingIT's support team will provide support for any issues you face with the SAP system access
  3. Real Time Use cases
    Trainers will guide you how to address real time business problems using the knowledge they have gained through their experiences.


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